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Welcome to the METAVIR server

METAVIR is a web server designed to annotate viral metagenomic sequences (raw reads or assembled contigs). A set of published viromes, identified as "public projects", is already available, and your own data sets can be processed in a private environment.
Upload your virome or select a previously published virome
Assess the taxonomic composition of the viral community and compare it to other datasets
Gain precise diversity insights by computing phylogenetic trees for the viral families of your choice
Compare viromes in terms of genetic richness and overall sequence similarity


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 - NEW - LIST OF PUBLIC VIROMES -  A list of publicly available metagenomes along with metadata is now available on this link, which includes a link (below the table) to download the complete metadata table as a csv file.
 Upload your own metagenome  
Registered users can upload a virome as a file containing sequences in fasta format. Once uploaded, all the analyses available in the Metavir web server will be processed on your data set. If your are interested in a specific viral family, you can also choose to identify which of the sequences in your virome are similar to the viral marker gene(s) of this family. Trees can be visualized directly on the web server.
Latest news

Dear Metavir users, Due to a saturation of Metavir storage space and computing capacities, we had to stop the upload of new projects. We are currently working to get the server back to normal, and hope to reinstate the upload of new projects as soon as the infrastructure issues are fixed, and when projects remaining in the queue will have been processed. The storage issue may also have impacted some of the recently uploaded projects, by providing incomplete results. We tracked down and removed all the ones we could identify, but please let us know if you encounter any weird result for one of your recent project, like for example an unusually low number of BLAST hits in the taxonomic composition, and we will look into it. Stay tuned for updates on Metavir in the next days or weeks (with hopefully the recovery of the server full capacity). The Metavir Team

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